What Is a Dual Power Recliner

Dual power recliners are the perfect balance between a traditional recliner and an electric recliner. They use dual motors to enable their owners to move their headrest and footrest at different times. 

With a dual power recliner, you can make sure that your head and feet are at a very comfortable position. This is the only biggest difference between a dual power recliner and a single power recliner. 

Read on to learn everything else you need to know about dual power recliners!

What is a Dual Power Recliner?

Dual power recliners have 2 motors to help a person recline into a comfortable position. These motors move the headrest and the footrest independently, so adjusting your recliner according to what you’d love becomes very easy.

Dual power recliners are the best of the recliner world. Some, well, most of these comfy reclining chairs even come with a remote control option.

Benefits of Dual Power Recliners

  • Great for People With Health Issues 
  • Manual recliners don’t have a lot of extra room for people with larger builds, but dual power recliners have enough room to accommodate most people. 
  • Comfortable, easy recline and lift.
  • The electric lift of a dual power recliner makes it easy to lift the entire chair up off your legs without straining your back or knees.
  • Very customizable. 
  • You can buy dual power recliners in so many different colors and styles that you’re almost certain to find the perfect fit for your home.

Cons of Dual Power Recliners

The biggest downside of using a dual power recliner is that you can’t fix it using a DIY tutorial. Since it has two motors, it’s better if you’d leave your recliner to an expert if you want to fix it.

Other than that, dual power recliners are a great option for everyone.

Where to Find Dual Power Recliners?

  • Retail Stores – The best place to buy a recliner is traditionally your local furniture store, such as IKEA or Pottery Barn. Most retailers offer a variety of recliners, including manual and electric recliners (see if an electric recliner is worth it). 
  • Online Stores – You can also purchase recliners online, such as at Amazon. Be sure to read reviews, compare prices, and understand the return policy before ordering anything to make sure you get what you want.

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