Is an Electric Recliner Worth It? Read this before buying one

Electric recliners are a special type of recliner chair with a motor that allows users to control the position of their back (feet and head too if you have a dual power recliner). Whether you have an adjustable chair or not, most chairs can be reclined by leaning forward and pushing on the backrest.

However, electric recliners go one step further, making it possible to adjust the angle of your back at the push of a button. If you’ve never owned an electric recliner before, it might seem like a luxury item. But there are many benefits of owning an electric recliner.

Here’s why you should consider purchasing one if you’re shopping for new furniture.

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They Have Built-in Massagers

Most electric recliners have built-in massagers or vibrators that you can use to relax your muscles. Many of these chairs also have heat that can be used to soothe your muscles after a long day. You can usually find these features in high-end recliners.

For example, the Homcom recliner comes with built-in vibrations that you can use to target your upper and lower back, shoulders, and legs. It also has a built-in timer that makes it easier to set a massage to the perfect length.

Great for Seniors and Differently Abled

If you’re elderly or struggle with mobility, recliners can make it much easier to get up and down from your chair. Instead of having to get up from a fully upright position, you can recline to a more comfortable angle before standing up again. 

This is also great for people with disabilities who may have trouble bending or moving their legs due to issues with their hips, knees, or ankles. For people with back pain, recliners can make it easier to relax and watch TV, read, or work on a computer. Plus, they’re a great investment if you regularly have to entertain guests who prefer to sit in a reclining chair.

So, if you already want to own a recliner, why not work to get a recliner that’s electric? It will save you from the hassle of pulling a lever everytime you want to lie in your chair.

They Might Help You With Blood Circulation

Elderly people spend a lot of time sitting down, which means they’re at a higher risk of developing blood clots. Blood clots can be fatal if they travel to the lungs, so it’s important that you remain active and try to get up and move around at least once an hour. 

If you’re struggling with a condition that leaves you housebound, you may have to sit all day. But this doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck in an upright position. You can easily use an electric recliner to lean back in your chair and relax or work (if you’re a workaholic) all day.

The only problem is that you’ll have to make sure you’re in a position comfortable enough. Because there are a few downsides of sitting in a recliner all day. If you’re sitting in a position where your knee is bent all day, you might develop Deep Vein Thrombosis.

I’d advise that you read this article from healthline before deciding to stay in your recliner for longer durations.

They Can Be Used for Relaxing or Watching TV

If you want to use your recliner for reading or watching TV, you deserve an award for a great choice. You’ll find it much more comfortable to stretch out and get comfortable in a reclining chair. You can also adjust the position of the armrests so that you can reach them easily when reading or watching TV. And what’s better than to have a recliner that can be adjusted with just a push of a button?

Recliners are also great for relaxing. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can try reading in a recliner and trying to get comfortable. You shouldn’t use a recliner if you want to sleep on your back since this can make snoring more likely. Typically, sleep specialists recommend sleeping on your side or using an anti-snoring pillow.


There are many benefits to owning an electric recliner, especially for people with disabilities or aged people, who would find it feasible to click a button and get into a comfortable position.

Because they’re easier to recline, electric recliners are also ideal for people who are reading or watching TV in their chairs. Plus, they have built-in massagers that can help you relax your muscles after a long day.

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