How to Keep Your Recliner from Sliding on a Carpet

When you have a recliner in your house, life becomes much easier. You don’t have to strain yourself to sit up or lie down; all you need to do is press a button and the chair does the rest for you. Moreover, recliners are very comfortable. Personally, I love to sit in my recliner on weekends and read some books, and I know that most people who own a recliner love it because of the comfort this piece of furniture offers. Recliners are specifically great after arm surgeries if you adjust them accordingly. This is because they have comfy arm rests. 

However, some recliners tend to slide on carpets more than others, especially swivel recliners. If you own a recliner that slides a lot on the carpet, this post is going to be perfect for you.

If you have a squeaky recliner, clicking on the link will teach you some DIYs to prevent that.

Use rubber mats

One easy way to keep your recliner from sliding on a carpet is to put rubber mats under the legs. The mats will keep the chair from moving around, even if your carpet is old and rugged. 

Not only will a rubber mat prevent your recliner from sliding on your carpet, it will also protect your carpet or rug. You can buy these chair mats at most furniture stores, and they’re not going to be very expensive.

Add weights to the legs

Another effective way to keep your recliner from sliding on the carpet is to add weights to the legs. This may sound weird, but it works really well. You can either hang some heavy decor items from the arm rest, or fill the legs with sand. The added weight will keep the chair in place, even if the carpet is worn out.

Get your carpet washed

This might not be the easiest hack, but it can stop your recliner from sliding. After cleaning your carpet, you’ll get more friction because there will be no dust. Even if it doesn’t stop your recliner from sliding, you’ll get a clean carpet.

Install grip tape on the bottom

Another effective way to keep your recliner from sliding on the carpet is to install grip tape on the bottom. Grip tape is a sticky material that is normally used to prevent items from sliding on walls. 

If you like to put your feet up on a recliner and it slides, this is a great way to stop it from moving. You can buy grip tape from a hardware store or online. You will just need to measure the bottom of the recliner and cut the tape to fit. Make sure the carpet isn’t too thick or you may end up with the tape not gripping properly.

Try using double-sided tape

You can also try using double-sided tape to keep your recliner from sliding on the carpet. The only problem with this hack is that the tape won’t stick on your carpet. But the upside of using a tape is that it will be very easy to remove if you want to, and it will generate a little friction between your carpet and your recliner’s feet.

Try using rubber grippers (One of the most effective methods)

Rubber grippers can be made specifically for your recliner and they’re one of the most effective ways to stop a recliner from sliding on your carpet. Rubber grippers can be found really cheap, and some companies even tailor-make grippers according to the size you give them.

You can get rubber grippers from:

I’ve put this method below others because most people don’t have rubber grippers ready in their homes.

Put the recliner between two walls

This is one of the easiest hacks in this list. If you can find a place in a corner, put your recliner there. The two walls in the corner can work as a support for your recliner, which will stop it from sliding on your carpet. 

I personally did this. I had an old recliner that used to move a lot on my carpet. Instead of trying anything else first, I found a corner that had a window beside it and placed my recliner over there. The recliner still slides but the problem is negligible. As a bonus, I get a little sunlight too!

A lot of people also face an issue that their recliner leans on one side. If you’re one of them, please click on the link.


If you like to put your feet up on a recliner, you may have come across times when the recliner slides. This can get annoying and may damage your carpet. In this article, we have discussed some effective ways to stop a recliner from moving, including using rubber chair mats, adding weights to the legs, installing grip tape on the bottom, and using double-sided tape. 

No matter which method you chose, I really hope your recliner stays in one place and your carpet doesn’t get damaged anymore. If these don’t work, I would suggest you get a new carpet. A newer carpet will have a lot more friction.

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